We offer excellent services

Our company offers its customers only high-precision products. We invest in production processes and strive for continuous improvement.
However, we know that not only innovative technologies determine the quality of the product. A very important aspect in the production process is the contribution of our employees. Nowadays Technologies is constantly investing in the development of its employees. The company organizes courses, seminars and training to introduce employees with technical innovations and to deepen knowledge in already known fields.

Therefore, we can confidently say that our employees are great professionals who have accumulated many years of experience. Their dedication and hard work help us to develop  high quality innovative products that we provide to our customers all over the world.
Our engineers are constantly developing new products so that we can supply to the water industry the best possible solutions to meet our customer needs.

Each of our new engineer’s inventions is protected by patent “PENDING” status, so we can ensure that our products are exclusive for any technical application, the ISO 9001 and ASME standards guarantee high quality in manufacturing processes.