ROshell Cube

ROshell Cube combines quality experience and innovative technologies in one product.  ROshell Cube is made of glass fiber/epoxy composite produced for long term use. This is a modular compact design that stands out for its quality.

ROshell Cube main advantages are the following:

  1. Small footprint – ideal to save space in case of site constrains.
  2. Easy installation. This leads to time savings what is very important for the projects with very strict deadlines.
  3. Easy maintenance – It is not required the disassembly of any part for maintenance purposes
  4. Unique design – ROshell Cube system is designed with highest precision to meet the most challenging demands of our clients. This advanced technology is delivered fully assembled and ready to use.

Nowadays Technologies supplies a wide variety of products for the seawater desalination as well for the drinking water treatment. Our most important clients are O&M and EPC companies that develop or operate water treatment projects based on Reverse Osmosis technology.

Nowadays Technologies provide ROshell Cube technology using a cube configuration system what makes our company the most exclusive manufacturer in the water industry. Our cube configuration gives our clients new and flexible opportunities to design water purification systems, reducing the costs and time of installation and construction.

User Manual ROshell Cube 8S600-1200psi (Download)